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March Music and Movement Activities

Get jigging and hopping and dancing and moving with these interactive March music and movement activities.


For many music teachers March is the beginning the Spring wiggles!

I like to incorporate movement activities into my lessons that help students make connections to concepts or cultural events.

That’s why I’m sharing some of my favorite interactive March music and movement activities.

Check out this blog post for more ideas about how to use movement in your classroom.

“Awesome, Easy and Free Creative Movement Activities”


Freebie “Twirl Around Scarf Activity”

Free St. Patrick's Day Scarf Activity and Song










This FREE activity is perfect for your March music and movement activities.

The music is calming and easy to follow.

You can use the music with the activity or have students move freely to the 3 beat rhythms.

I can see my students tip-toeing and gliding to the song “Twirl Around” that comes with the free scarf activity posters.

Check out the YouTube Video!

St. Patrick’s Day Scarf and Ribbon Music and Movement Activity

Leprechaun Scarf and Ribbon Music and Movement Activities










Leprechaun Scarf and Ribbon Music and Movement Activities are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day Music and movement classes, PE, Preschool and Special Needs activities.

Movement helps make brain connections. Structured movement can be a great brain break and indoor activity for elementary students.

Movement is interactive!

Especially for grades Pre-K through 3rd.


  1. Presentations
  2. Flash Cards
  3. Activity Directions
  4. Scarf Rules
  5. How to Create a Slide Show and insert Audio Files


  • Scarf Activities are good transition activities between classes, or lessen sections.
  • Scarf Activities are great for indoor recess, reward days and for your younger students.
  • Scarf Activities make a great Substitute Lesson.
  • Print this file for your substitute with some Irish music.
  • Scarf Activities can also be used in Stations or Centers. Print the cards and choose several for each station. Students lay out the cards and perform the movements. When the song ends, ask students to rotate to the next station.
  • Music and movement activities- choose music to help students move high/low, fast/slow, short and long moves.
  • Connect Life Cycle and Science lesson with movement activities
  • Build Classroom Community
  • Transition Activity
  • Connect Movement with Learning
  • Develop Music Listening Skills


  • Cross Body (Cross the Midline) Movement skills
  • Gross Motor Movement skills
  • Fine Motor Movement skills
  • Listening skills


  • Give your children the chance to play games, learn to work together, take turns and develop their movement skills.
  • Connect nature with music and movement.
  • Perfect for your spring science lessons.


Here’s some of the top selling Sing Play Create March movement activities.

“Can You Catch the Leprechaun?”










“Who Will Catch the Leprechaun?”










Freebie: “St. Patrick Was a Gentleman” song and dance activity.

Free Irish folk dance lesson from Sandra at Sing Play Create.











March “Rhythm Shuffle” Chant and Dance Resource










This resource combines movement with a rhythm lesson and composing activity.
Any of the March music and movement activities would blend perfectly with this lesson.

Mostly, I hope these music and movement activities help you have a wonderful time with your students during March music and movement classes.


Sandra from Sing Play Create




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Free St. Patrick's Day Scarf Activity

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