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How to Recharge from Teacher Burnout Over the Holidays

This post may find you in a state of burnout after teaching over excited kids in December, holding concerts, end of year grading, and possibly working though sick-. Here are some of my tips on How to recharge from teacher burnout during the holidays.


Oh No! How could I possibly do THAT???????!!!!!! I have kids, I have kittens, I have a partner, family, a dirty house, Holiday cards, parties, food to make….seriously?

Yes, I’m serious! There isn’t a “LIST” of the right and wrong way to put yourself first.

That’s something you have to decide- but YOU HAVE TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST.

Here’s some ideas about what I mean-


Keep the things that don’t matter as much for you SIMPLE. If everyone loves home made tacos- then have them for CHRISTMAS DINNER.

Splurge on extra cheese and other dressings and maybe a store bought or restaurant favorite dessert that you don’t have to make!

Make easy casseroles or Instapot meals you can put together in under 30 minutes.

Make meals where everyone puts their own plate together like Haystacks, Tacos, Barbecue feasts. This way you can assign different dishes to others to bring to complete the meal.

One way I recharge is to keep my cooking simple and limit the amount of food I’ll make. One of our family favorites is to make several big pans of chicken and beef enchiladas. They last for a couple days. I also purchase tamales from a friend, and stop by my favorite bakery for some select breads, muffins and desserts for my guests.

I fill in the menu with condiments, salads, and vegetable sides.

I also keep a bowl of fruit and plenty of salad ingredients handy for snacks and healthy eaters.

There’s breads, deli meats and sandwich fare for everyone to use at leisure.

For me, it’s super important to plan the 1 big thing I’m going to make and then have everyone help with the rest of the holiday meals.

The point is to spend time eating yummy food together!


Have everyone help out with EVERYTHING! I’m one of those who just seemed to end up doing everything at the house from setting up the tree, the lights, wrapping, planning, cooking- EVERYTHING. That’s NO FUN! Depending on your family, then divide and conquer!

The point is to spend time doing things with loved ones that everyone likes to do!

Who can decorate? Who can cook? Who can wrap or purchase gifts. Make a list of the things you need to do and divvy them up between able parties.

If there’s no one to help- then consider whether you REALLY WANT TO DO IT ALONE?

One way I “recharge” is to keep my decor very simple- can I do it all in 2 hours or less? Can I clean up in under 1 hour? Since I don’t enjoy this part of the holiday festivities, I limit the amount of stuff that I do in this area.

What do I feel “has” to be done?


Take time to enjoy the season-the music, the weather, the holiday scene! It’s no fun to be stuck in the kitchen if you’d rather be out skiing! If cooking isn’t your thing-then stop by a Costco, a Kneaders, a bakery or your favorite grocer and buy the things you and your group loves and spend time doing what you LOVE.

One way I recharge is to get outside! I’d rather take a hike or kayak, and skip making cookies!

And, I want to watch as many Christmas movies as possible cuddled up in a warm fuzzy blanket and pj’s.

What’s your favorite holiday to do?

What’s your favorite holiday past time?

Looking for some more ideas on how to DE-STRESS during the HOLIDAYS? Check out this blog post!



Whatever you do- give yourself a break from the school routine. Sleep, eat, play and relax this holiday season. Take time to RECHARGE!

I hope you’ve enjoyed and got some ideas on how to recharge from teacher burnout during the holidays!

Sandra from Sing Play Create

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How to Recharge from Teacher Burnout Over the Holidays

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